To Our Dealers and Customers:


Thank you for investing your valuable time to view our history, products, and services via our website. We are extremely proud of what we have to offer you.


Pride is a word we use a lot at Challenge. More than any other word, it expresses our corporate identity. For over 150 years, through the great Chicago fire, financial panics, the Great Depression, world wars, shifting marketplace demands, and fierce competition, Challenge has met every challenge it has faced. The driving force behind that long history is the resourcefulness and dedication of our employees, which has created a strong sense of pride in everything we do. Pride in our customer service that conveys an attitude of "we can do that". Pride that makes our products perform as promised longer and with greater reliability and productivity. Pride in our technical support that is best in our industry. Pride in the way we conduct business, with integrity, taking personal responsibility for the success of Challenge and in building lasting relationships with our dealers and customers. All of this adds up to your best total value by investing in Challenge equipment.


Although we are proud of our past, we are even more dedicated to continually improving and creating value for our customers in the future. Our Mission and Statement of Principles, which is included below, is a testament of our dedication to this task. We hope you see a reflection of that dedication in your normal day-to-day relations with us. Thank you for your support.


Our Mission:


To design, manufacture and market products that provide our customers the best total value for turning printed pages into products, i.e., adding value to the printed document.


Our Statement of Principles:


We are committed to three main principles that drive our Company:


  • Making a profit - profit is necessary for long-term growth, capital investment, employee security, and organizational health;
  • Continual improvement - of ourselves, our products and our business processes to delight our customers;
  • Our Employees' well-being - treating employees with dignity and respect, recognizing and rewarding contributions, and maintaining a working environment which is safe and enjoyable.


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